Pity Sex – White Hot Moon

Pity Sex-White Hot Moon

Is Pity Sex an indie rock band with lo-fi trappings, or a lo-fi band with an indie rock edge? Ultimately it doesn’t really matter, because whatever combination of sounds they have put together for their second studio album, White Hot Moon, blends into a melodic experience that appeals to both senses. From start to finish, the sound is polished and packaged into a consistent and trippy offering that fans across both spectrums can dive into.

There is an underlying sense of melancholy that permeates throughout the twelve tracks. Even the more upbeat and edgier songs are tainted with a deep sadness. Which isn’t a negative experience, mostly because I found myself trying to figure out exactly what this album was making me feel the first few times I made my way through it, only to realize that the blend of pop and gloom combine into something akin to nostalgia or longing. The toned down and distorted vocals, especially from the male vocalist, Brennan Greaves, are a monotonous droning that bleeds into the overall sound of the music, and is often perfectly juxtaposed to the sweeter, lighter vocals of Britty Drake.

For my money, tracks that lean into Drake’s vocals seem to work better. Her voice stands out better against the music, and unlike Greaves, she uses more range and is audibly more interesting to listen to. Which is a shame, because on certain tracks you can certainly tell that Greaves has more to offer than what we hear on this album. You get flashes of this on A Satisfactory World For Reasonable People and Wappen Beggars, especially.

Overall, the beats are solid, the music is catchy, and technically there isn’t really anything to call out as problematic about White Hot Moon. It certainly succeeds in taking the listener through a full range of emotions. It’s one of the happiest sad albums I’ve come across in recent years, and for some reason, it leaves me feeling like I should call my parents just to check in on them. The sophomore slump seems to have skipped Pity Sex. This is a thoroughly enjoyable collection of twelve songs.

Overall rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Favorite Track: Plum


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