New Music 5/6/16

After looking over the offerings for the stuff released this Friday, I’ve narrowed my reviews down to the following four albums. Here’s a quick rundown on what to expect in the upcoming week.

Vektor – Terminal Redux

I love all types of music, but if home is where the heart is, then metal is my home. Vektor is a progressive thrash metal band out of Arizona. Terminal Redux is the band’s third full length album.


JMSN – It Is.

I confess to being completely unfamiliar with JMSN, but anything that is described as indie electronica is going to pique my interest. I checked out some stuff off of his previous releases and got a Justin Timberlake vibe from his vocals, so I’m looking forward to the adventure.


Death Grips – Bottomless Pit

The experimental hip-hop group out of Sacramento, CA; Bottomless Pit marks their fifth studio album since first releasing The Money Store in 2012. This album is, hands down, the biggest question mark of the four. I have no idea what I’m in for when I hit that play button.

Death Grips-Bottomless

Mike Posner – At Night, Alone.

At Night, Alone is the sophomore effort for this Michigan native singer-songwriter. A track off this album, remixed be SeeB, has already gained traction on streaming services and has landed on the Billboard charts, but now it’s time to find out what else this baby has to offer.

Mike Posner-ANA



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