Single Sunday

The new Justin Timberlake single, Can’t Stop the Feeling, dropped on Friday and it is sure to blow up the charts. Pretty much everything JT does in heralded as magnificent. This one is off the soundtrack to the upcoming “Trolls” movie. The video released for the track is chocked full of celebrities, including Anna Kendrick and Gwen Stefani.

Fifth Harmony, a quintet formed out of contestants on the second season of the X Factor, released Write On Me this week. It’s off their upcoming album 7/27. It’s your typical bubblegum pop fare. It’s radio and family friendly, so I guess it has that going for it, but there isn’t much of substance to it.

A second song off of the newest Radiohead album, Moon Shaped Pool, released on Friday just two days ahead of the album’s release. It’s called Daydreaming. If you are a Radiohead fan then I bet you’ll really like this. I’ve never been a Radiohead fan, and this song is just another in the notch of my anti-Radiohead belt. Which means I don’t care for the song, which in no way comes as a surprise to me.

Grass Ain’t Greener, the lead single from Chris Brown’s upcoming Heartbreak on a Full Moon released on Thursday. For all of his personal flaws, Chris Brown can still crank out catchy tunes. Well, assuming you’re an R&B fan. I could take or leave most of the genre, but this song isn’t bad. I’m sure it will hit the radio waves on a regular basis for a while.


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