Against the Current – In Our Bones



I know all of the cliches and problems that some sectors of the music consuming public take with pop-rock bands. Their music is clearly designed to create radio hits. They all sound the same, they aren’t real musicians, yada yada yada. Look, I get it. And usually, I pretty much agree with those sentiments. I’m certainly not a huge fan of most songs or artists that get regular rotation on the radio. Having said all of that, In Our Bones is one hell of an album for what it is. Yeah, it’s pop-rock, but Against the Current and their production team have done a fabulous job of hammering out an incredibly catchy and fun album to listen to.

Listening through the twelve track offering is anything but a labor. To be honest, I would guess that about half of the songs are pretty much radio ready, which is pretty impressive for a band that is releasing their debut album. Even the songs that aren’t quite ready aren’t far off. There’s a pretty decent blend of fast paced rocking tunes like Running With The Wild Things and Forget Me Now. There are more ballad like songs like Chasing Ghosts. Most of the other tracks pretty much fall somewhere in the middle, and the weaker stuff, as usually, is stacked up at the end.

My favorite thing about Against the Current is definitely Chrissy Costanza, the vocal talent of the trio. Her voice is sweet and soft at times, but has the edge it needs to pull off the heavier tracks on the album. There is absolutely no way to deny her talent, and she certainly carries this band on her shoulders. In a lot of ways, this band parallels Paramore. Actually, in just about every way. If you’re a fan of them, you’re going to dig Against the Current, too, I’m sure of it.

Is this album, or this band, breaking new ground? No way, this is tried and true territory to build an act that has the appeal needed to hit the radio waves. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that their record label assembled them as a vehicle for Chrissy Costanza, but I don’t know that and it really doesn’t matter in the end. It feels packaged, but it’s packaged pretty perfectly. The songs suit the talent, the hooks are super catchy, and it has a familiarity that should endear it to the masses. It’s incredibly era appropriate music. The song of Summer 2016 could very well be resting somewhere on In Our Bones.

Overall Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Favorite Track: Brighter


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